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    How To Get Salon Style Waves at Home

    How To Get Salon Style Waves at Home

    Getting beautiful waves at the salon is great, but it can be expensive. Save yourself the drive and $$$ and learn to do them yourself. It is completely achievable on your own at home. I have a few tips that can help you. My hair is wavy most of the time. I love the way it frames my face and looks with my hair color. All I use is hair serum and a 1 1/4″ curling iron. Starting with the upper left photo, you can see how I achieve this look in the collage below. Keep scrolling down for the details. Steps Start with the very bottom part of your…

  • Fence-paint-in-Slate-from-Behr-block-wall-paint-in-Storm-Cloud-from-Dunn-Edwards-before-and-after.jpg
    Home Inspo

    Fence and Block Retaining Wall Renovation

    I love doing improvements to our home. It’s always exciting choosing paint colors and changing the look of an outdated part of the house. I love adding personal touches to make the home feel more us and less like the…

  • leaving an abusive relationship

    Getting out of an abusive relationship

    If I were to sit here and type every single event I experienced in detail, I would sit here for days. The day I left an abusive relationship I was 2 months pregnant with an 18-month old in my arms.…

  • My expereince with SNS nails

    SNS Nails: My experience using SNS for a year

    Ever since becoming a stay at home mom; the constant cleaning, scrubbing, washing of things made my nails weak. I could not grow my nails out because they were breaking as soon as there was some growth. My nails were…

  • Los-Angeles-Getty-Museum-Postcard-Photograph

    Date Night at The Getty Museum

    Recently my husband and I took a night off from the the kids and our busy lives to spend some quality time together. We decided to have a date night in Los Angeles and visit the Getty Museum. I have…

  • what is hate


    What is hate? The opposite of love. The really strong feeling of dislike of a person or thing. It causes hurt and pain and makes people do some really stupid shit. Where does hate come from? What ignites a person…

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    4-inch High Heels

    I wanted to share my latest buy from Aldo. I came across a really cute and comfortable pair at the Aldo store the other day. These shoes quickly became one of my favorite pairs. They are beautiful and they are…