4-inch High Heels

I wanted to share my latest buy from Aldo. I came across a really cute and comfortable pair at the Aldo store the other day. These shoes quickly became one of my favorite pairs. They are beautiful and they are my favorite height in heels…4 inches!

I love heels but, anything over 4 inches make my feet feel like they are going to fall off after an hour of wear. 4 inches is the perfect heel height, not too short and not too tall, just right and still sexy! It’s difficult to find cute and comfortable 4-inch heels though. They are just not as popular as the 6-inch ones, which most of the time come in cuter styles and colors.


These heels are pretty comfortable even though they are a skinny heel. I wore them for a date night with my husband. I walked in them all night and my feet felt fine by the end of the night.

Foot Problems

Buying shoes is tricky for me, as I have what I call “duck feet”. Not because I have webbed toes but because my ankles are super skinny and my foot is wide. Most shoes slip from the back and are tight around the toes. Luckily, I found these and they were a perfect fit. I get so excited whenever I come across a pair of shoes that fits perfectly. I must’ve tried on about a dozen pairs at Macy’s before giving up and going to Aldo.

These heels are my current faves. They just go with everything. They can be dressed up or down and also come in more colors. I will definitely be back to Aldo for more, they have a variety of colors in heels 4 -inches and under.

Here is a link where you can find these.

Worster Midnight Black Open-toe Heels

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