Bathroom Renovation Before and After

newly remodeled bathroom

I love interior design. I am not an expert but I can give you some tips based on my recent home renovation project. The bathrooms.

Renovating a bathroom is a tedious process but well worth it. We took our plain, outdated bathroom and gave it a modern look.

Look ahead for our before and afters.

The Old Bathrooms

The bathrooms in our home had remained the same since the house was first built about 19 years ago (gross, I know!) The stubborn mold meant it was time for a change and we were ready for it!

Gutted bathroom cabinets
Demo day, gutted shower bathroom
Demo day, gutted bathtub

What to Expect

Renovation isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. You have to consider the cost, the time it takes to complete the project, the mess, and not having access to parts of your home.

We had a good contractor that worked long, hard hours to have our two upstairs bathrooms completed in 3 weeks.

I believe the length of time to renovate one bathroom is about a month average. I cannot imagine having a construction site inside my home for longer than a month! It is chaotic.

One bathroom was finished before the second one was started so we had access to a shower throughout the entire renovation. We basically lived downstairs for an entire 3 weeks. The most annoying part of this entire process was the mess, dust, noise, not having access to our entire home, and the workers coming in and out of the house constantly.


We purchased materials at different stores.

Our bathtub, lighting fixtures, toilet, towel hangers, shower tile, floor tile, and tile edging trim came from Home Depot.

After making stops at different tile stores and warehouses we ended up purchasing the tile for both showers, and flooring at Home Depot because the price was the best we could find.

Showerheads came from Sinks, faucets, and countertops came from a bathroom warehouse in Los Angeles.

We did some shopping around and tried our best to keep the costs of materials as low as possible.

How to Save on Cost

According to, the cost for a bathroom renovation averages around $10,000. There are ways to try and keep the cost low. Like keeping some of the original materials in your bathroom.

We kept the original mirrors and cabinets. Both were raised a few inches and the cabinets were painted. That saved us a lot of money.

We also kept the ceiling fan because it was still in great condition and it comes in handy when the weather hits above 100 and I have to do my hair.


The pant on the cabinets is “Espresso Macchiato” by Dunn Edwards and the wall paint in both bathrooms is “Silver Spoon” by Dunn Edwards and is also throughout my entire home.

More Tips and Advice

My advice if you are renovating your bathrooms and the most important step of all…research! Look online, shop around, google bathroom warehouses in your area months before your project even begins.

Take pictures with your phone and create a separate folder in your pictures exclusively for the info you are coming across. It’s a great way to keep track of all the information you are gathering.

Another important tip is to find a good reputable contractor and keep in constant contact with your contractor during the entire renovation. Make sure they are aware of every detail you would look changed and check in with them every morning on the progress if possible.

Also, keep in mind, the dust. There will be lots of it. Although the construction site is blocked, it will make its way throughout the entire house. After the job is done, you might have to hire a cleaning crew to help with that.

The Outcome

We loved the way our bathrooms turned out. We used the exact materials in both the master bathroom and kids bathroom (pictured below). Initially, I wanted to go with more rustic, neutral tones, but we neded up choosing a more modern look. We were ecstatic with the result.

Modern gray/charcoal bathroom. Stand alone shower. Stand alone bathtub.
Stand alone gray tile modern shower
Before and afrer. Before: white bathroom cabinets. After: Modern gray/charcoal bathroom. Stand alone shower. Stand alone bathtub.
Before and after Modern gray/charcoal bathroom. Stand alone shower. Stand alone bathtub.

Links to Materials from Home Depot


Bath Tile

Floor Tile

Shower Floor Tile

Towel Ring


Edging Trim

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