From Black to Blonde, How I lightened my hair without ruining it

New Year, New Hair

Many of us like to start the New Year with something new. Perhaps a new outfit, new car, new goals, new haircut? Something that brings us the feeling that we are starting fresh and developing a better version of ourselves. For a lot of us girls, it’s our hair. New year, new look sometimes means new hair. Before 2018 ended I went in for my last appointment of the year to freshen up my locks. I was glad to receive the new year with freshly cut and colored hair. My hair color isn’t something that happened in one sitting though.

After a year of laying off the box dye my stylist started with all over thin highlights in May 2017

Healthy Hair

It was a long road from black hair to the current shade of dark golden blonde. I started going lighter in May of 2017. It has taken me about a year and half to achieve my dark blonde hair color. Lightening my hair over a long period has helped maintain it’s health. It has also helped me with growing my hair out. It is now down to my waist. My hair is important to me it makes me feel feminine, and confident and overall good. It’s one of the things I enjoy doing to take care of myself.

4 months later she added balayage highlights on September 2017

Find a good stylist

I am lucky to have found a great stylist that has been extremely patient and careful with the massive amount of hair I have. I did go through two really bad experiences with hairstylists that were really expensive and turned out to not know how to deal with my hair. My hair has been cut short twice as a result of being fried and over processed in the past.

Again, 4 months later, added balayage highlights on January 2018

Say no to fried hair

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that great hair does not happen in one sitting. If a stylist claims they can take your hair from black to the pretty picture of the blonde you found on Pinterest…they actually could but your hair would be ruined to the point of no return. Be careful! Having messed up hair is no fun!

5 months later, more balayage highlights in June of 2018


Having light hair is a lot of maintenance. I’ve had friends that go light and then go back to dark soon afterward because of the expense. It is important to use good shampoo and quality products to maintain the health of your hair. Conditioning treatments and trims in between bleaching are also crucial. The shampoo and conditioner I use are Redken Extreme and Redken Color Extend.

The result in Decemeber 2018

I have finally achieved a hair color that I am completely happy about. It is important to have realistic expectations, listen to your stylist about what they recommend, especially if you have black hair like I did. If you are thinking of lightening your hair in the near future do not try to do it on your own. Find a good stylist and look at pictures of their previous work, make sure they can deal with your type of hair, invest in quality products, don’t skip your treatments and trims and most important of all patience!

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