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Christmas Decor In Our Home

Christmas door wreath

I love to decorate my home for Christmas every year. I don’t go too crazy with decorations though as I don’t want to feel overwhelmed with putting a lot of things up.  But, just enough to show Christmas spirit and make the kiddos happy. This year our Christmas decor theme is “Silver with a touch of red”.

Christmas tree silver with red

We decided to buy a fake tree last year instead of purchasing a fresh one every year. The reason being is that fresh ones are just too much of a hassle to carry in and out of the house and create a mess. I like to make things as easy as possible. We purchased this tree from Wal-Mart.

I like to purchase decor, like the train and deer under the tree at Hobby Lobby. They always have awesome stuff on sale and most of the time you can find a coupon on their website.

Christmas Tree-ornaments-flowers

I also love to purchase fake seasonal flowers and detach them from the stem and use them on my tree or other pieces.

Chrtistmas Chimney Decor
christmas table decor

I purchased this table decoration at Michael’s and added some pieces like pine cones, flowers and candles. Michael’s almost always has a coupon available on their website as well. I’m all about finding good deals.

Counter table Chrsitmas decor

This last piece I put entirely together with ornaments from dollar tree.

I like to change things up a bit every year. Maybe next year I will try including blues. I cannot wait to see how that will turn out! Another money saving tip is to purchase Christmas decorations after Christmas has passed. Many stores drop the prices on anything Christmas related.

Happy Holidays!

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