Fence and Block Retaining Wall Paint and Renovation

fence and block retaining wall paint

I love home renovation projects. It’s always exciting choosing paint colors and changing the look of an outdated part of the house. I love adding unique personal touches to our home.

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Our house is about 20 years old so it needs some renovations. Thankfully, up until now, the renovations have been more of cosmetic issues rather than structural. (knock on wood we don’t have to deal with any structural or foundation issues for as long as we live here!)

We took on this little project in the summer of 2018 while remodeling our backyard.

Our fence was looking really dull and rusty. We thought it would be a great idea to paint it as well as the block retaining wall. We loved the paint on our neighbor’s wooden fence and they were so nice to give us a brochure with the information about the paint they used along with some tips.

Paint on Fence

So on we went to Home Depot to purchase the paint from BEHR brand in color “Slate” for the fence. We also purchase new plants and brand new black mulch to give the entire thing a fresh new look.

I also found some great ideas on Pinterest for painting the block retainer wall.

Paint for Block Retaining Wall

For the block retainer wall, we purchased the paint from Dunn Edwards. The color was Storm Cloud in acrylic eggshell. This color actually looks very different on paper.


Here are some tips in case you are thinking about giving your backyard a facelift.

  • Wash/Clean your fence and/or block retaining wall before painting.
  • I recommend not painting during peak summer time as it is very hot and you will exhaust yourself.
  • Have someone help you, depending on the size of your wall or block retaining wall.
  • Buy or rent a paint sprayer. We started out with brushes but after a while, our wrists were killing us. We realized it would take weeks to finish that way so we rented a paint sprayer at Home Depot and finishes the fence in a day!
  • When using the spray gun, have someone hold a large piece of cardboard behind the wall to avoid spraying paint on to your neighbor’s side.
  • if you do use brushes, a good brush makes a world of a difference.
  • Measure the fence or block retaining wall so you know how much paint to buy.
  • Wait for holiday deals. Plants and supplies can end up being very costly.

Essential Supplies to make the job easier from Amazon.com

  1. Lightweight Paint Sprayer for large areas and faster painting.
  2. Scotch Painters Tape for Exterior Surface for those areas you want to protect and do not want paint on.
  3. Drop Cloth an inexpensive way to cover your concrete floor or other areas from paint drips. (Had we not used these our concrete floor would be a mess!)
  4. Ladder for those difficult to reach areas, this ladder is safe and sturdy.
  5. Heavy Duty Brushes for Walls/Fences to fill in small details that a roller or spray gun won’t.

This is what our fence looked like before…

We painted the fence in one weekend. The brick on another weekend and the plants and mulch were done on another weekend.

The wooden wall goes all around the backyard. The block retainer wall is only on one side of the yard.


The result…

I think this is a pretty easy DIY as professional painters can get quite expensive.

I hope you found this post helpful. I love sharing ideas and I will share more as we do more updates to our house. If you want to read about our bathroom renovations check it out here: Bathroom Renovation: Before and After

Before and after fence and block retaining wall paint renovation

Thank you for reading!

14 Replies to “Fence and Block Retaining Wall Paint and Renovation”

  1. Hello! I”ve chosen the same color to stain my fence. But, I was wondering what level did you use, solid, semi- or transparent? The fence looks fantastic!

    1. Hi Kate, it was a solid color.Thank you!

  2. Do you get away with one coat or 2?

    1. We did one coat. It still looks great. 🙂

  3. Rebecca Hannemann says: Reply

    Did you do anything more than just wash the fence to prep it for paint? Did you strip any of the old paint off?

    1. I apologize for the late reply, No, we just washed it, but the fence was in pretty good condition to begin with. There was no paint before.

  4. Brittany says: Reply

    How long did you wait after cleaning for the fence to dry before applying stain?

    1. We waited 1 day or 24 hours for it to dry.

  5. Yuvia Ibarra says: Reply

    Does the color show on the other side of the fence?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. No, it does not.

  6. Did you use primer first?

    1. No primer

  7. Should I put solid color or semi transparent

    1. Solid Color.

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