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Fence and Block Retaining Wall Renovation

Fence and block retaining wall renovation

I love doing improvements to our home. It’s always exciting choosing paint colors and changing the look of an outdated part of the house. I love adding personal touches to make the home feel more us and less like the previous owners.

Our house is about 20 years old so it has needed some renovations. Thankfully, up until now the renovations have been more of cosmetic issues rather than structural. (Knock on wood we don’t have to deal with any structural or foundation issues for as long as we live here!)

We took on this little project in the summer of 2018 while remodeling our backyard.

Our fence was looking really dull and rusty. We thought it would be a great idea to paint it as well as the block wall. We loved the paint on our neighbor’s wooden fence and they were so nice to give us a brochure with the information of the paint they used along with some tips.


Paint on Fence

So on we went to home depot to purchase the paint from the BEHR brand in color “Slate” for the fence. We also purchased new plants and brand new black mulch. To give it a fresh new look.


I found some great ideas on Pinterest for painting the block retainer wall.

Paint for Block Retainer Wall

For the block retainer wall we purchased the paint from Dunn Edwards. The Color was “Storm Cloud” in acrylic eggshell. This color actually looks very different on paper.



Here are some tips in case you are thinking about giving your backyard a little face lift.

  • Wash/clean your fence and/or blocks before painting.
  • Do not paint while the sun is out, actually just don’t paint in the summer. Best times to paint based on our experience, early morning.
  • Have someone help you. This is more of a job for two or more people.
  • Buy or rent a paint sprayer. We started out using a brush for our fence but after or hands almost fell off we realized it would take weeks to finish that way. My husband rented the paint sprayer and the job was finished in a day!
  • When using the spray gun, have someone hold a piece of cardboard box behind the wall so the paint doesn’t fly to your neighbors side.
  • If you do buy brushes, a good brush makes a world of a difference.
  • Measure the fence or wall so you know how much paint to buy.
  • Wait for holiday deals on plants and mulch because the expense can add up on those.


This is what our fence and wall looked like before…

Old fence and block retainer wall
Old fence and block retainer wall
Old fence and block retainer wall
Old fence and block retainer wall

We painted the fence in one weekend. The brick on another weekend and the plants and mulch were done on another weekend.

You do not need to hire someone to do this for you as painters can be quite expensive.

The wooden wall goes all around the backyard. The block retainer wall is only on one side of the yard.


The result…

Fence paint in Slate from Behr block wall paint in Storm Cloud from Dunn
Fence paint in Slate from Behr block wall paint in Storm Cloud from Dunn Edwards

I hope you found this post helpful. I love sharing ideas and I will share more as we do more updates to our house. If you want to read another home improvement post on the renovations of my bathrooms click here: Bathroom Renovation: Before and After

Thank you for reading!

jessie living lovelier times


  • Sarah

    How did you mask areas you didn’t want to get painted? Love your before/after pics…have one mid-process that shows this?

    • Jessie

      Hi Sarah! For the retaining wall we used one of those big blue tarps to cover the floor and moved it along as we painted. As for the fence, we had big cardboard boxes that I held while my husband sprayed so the paint would not spray over to the neighbors. Sorry I wish I had taken more pictures but this was before this blog existed. So I only took before and afters.

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