How To Get Salon Style Waves at Home

How to get salon style waves at home

Getting your hair styled at the salon can be expensive, therefore, I style my hair at home myself.

I have a few tips that can help you achieve salon style waves on your own.

Save your money and the drive!

My hair is wavy most of the time. I love the way it frames my face and looks with my hair color. To see how I lightened my hair click here.

All I use is hair serum and a 1 1/4″ curling iron.

Starting with the upper left photo, you can see how I achieve this look in the collage below.

Keep scrolling down for the details.

How To Get Salon Style Waves at Home


  1. Make sure your hair is completely dry.
  2. Start with the very bottom part of your hair and section as you go up. Sectioning your hair is important. It makes this whole process easier. I use clips to section the uncurled parts and after to hold the curled parts together so I don’t mix them with the uncurled hair.
  3. Keep the clamp on your curling iron closed, use it as if you were using a wand. I do not open the clamp at all. I just wrap my hair around the closed barrel. It is mush easier.
  4. Wrap a section of hair around the barrel. Not too much hair or the heat won’t distribute evenly.
  5. Curl away from the face and downwards on both sides. Hold for 8 – 10 seconds.
  6. Carefully let the curl go, and hold in your palm for a few seconds while it cools down. Careful, it might be hot.
  7. The result, a pretty little wave.
  8. Repeat to all parts of hair, the back can be a tricky, but with practice becomes super easy!
  9. Run a serum through your hair, using your hands separate the curls.
  10. Now you’ve got some beautiful, glam, salon style wavy hair!

This takes me no more than 30 minutes. Not kidding! I have a lot of hair, which is another reason why I don’t like getting my hair styled at the salon. I always get charged extra for the length and amount of hair I have.

Keep in mind that it might take more than one try to get it right. As with everything practice helps but I find this method easiest for me.


The serum I use is Platinum Gloss by Kenra. I apply it after the shower and after I am done curling my hair. It smells soo good, it’s not heavy and leaves my hair soft and shiny.

How To Get Salon Style Waves at Home

Another thing I like to do is straighten the baby hairs on the side of my face so they don’t stick out. This has to be done very carefully though as the straightener is dangerously close to the skin.

How to get salon style waves
How To Get Salon Style Waves at Home

Happy Curling! or uhh Waving! 🙂

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  • lillyevechristie

    Your hair is gorgeous! nice to meet yo and thank you for following my blog! I use the huge curling iron also, bigger waves! It’s many years since I was in California, it is definitely on my husband and I’s list!

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