My Experience with Cluster Extensions


Just a few days ago I decided to give eyelash extensions a try. Let’s just say I am looking at this entire experience from a positive perspective, because otherwise I wouldn’t be here blogging all about it. 😉 So…I had always been curious to know what it would be like to wake up to fab lashes. Now, I am not an avid user of falsies or false lashes, I can’t even glue them on right myself. I’d say I naturally have (or had) pretty good lashes, so I don’t feel like I need them. I get my compliments here and there.

cluter eyelash extensions

Before a weekend trip with the family, I went to my local threading salon to get my eyebrows threaded. The esthetician advised me about their Thursday special for eyelash extensions. For $30 it seemed like a steal. Plus, it also meant I would be saving myself time from doing my make-up during my weekend trip. So, I went for it.

cluter eyelash extensions

During the procedure I kept my eyes closed the entire time. There was no pain, the most uncomfortable part was the tape that goes under your eye. After 15 minutes the esthetician was done. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. There was a huge difference. My eye shape changed, and I had more of a doe eye shape. My lashes were long, dark with lots of volume too and very fake looking. Just what I wanted, right? She advised me not to touch them right away or wet them for the next 24 hours.

I got in my car and looked at myself in the mirror and could not help but touch my lashes right away. I did not like the feeling at all. The lashes were glued to all of my lashes, not just the base of the lashes. They were not soft at all either, they felt like stiff plastic but, they didn’t look too bad so I left them on and hoped they would fall on their own.

cluter eyelash extensions

My eyelashes became uncomfortable. I could not rub my eyes and I did not want to crush them in my sleep, so I had to be very careful. Later I researched cluster lashes and came up on some interesting reviews and basically, they are not good for you. I must admit I freaked out a bit.

4 days later, I became very impatient, so I started to research how to remove them myself. I do not recommend this as it is painful, and you can hurt your eyes. I came across articles that advised to use olive oil, coconut oil and hot steam. All of which I tried and don’t think it made a difference. So, I got my tweezers and proceeded to pick them out. It took me about 3 hours to get them all completely off. I put cold packs on my eyes afterwards to prevent redness and swelling. It helped. The feeling of not having those things on my eyes was so freeing.

cluter eyelash extensions
My eyelashes are very sparse and thin after taking the extensions off.

Initially, I thought about getting individual lash extensions and comparing my experiences with both clusters and singles. But, after that experience with cluster lashes, I don’t think I will ever put any type of extensions on my eyes again. A lot of my eyelashes came off after I took the extensions off. I recommend to do your research when getting something like this done. Lesson learned. I am thankful though I did not get an infection and I promised myself never to do that again.

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