No New Year’s Resolutions for 2019?!

No New Years Resolution

I used to make New Years resolutions.

Not anymore. The stress I placed on myself trying to make a drastic change in my life from one day to the next became too overwhelming. I gave up trying to eat healthy, going to the gym and saving money, among other resolutions I had set for myself in previous years.

Resolutions take time and hard work to achieve.

I personally just cannot make a sudden change in my life or cut something off cold turkey.

One year, my resolution was to change my eating habits and exercise for a healthier lifestyle. I planned to cook meals and workout every day. Well, the New Year came, and I was extremely busy. I had too much on my plate, work, being a mom, kids’ lessons/practice, housework, going to the gym, trying to catch up on sleep and a bunch of other crap life had thrown at me. Most days I just could not fit in the time to cook meals. I had set an unrealistic resolution for myself. I learned not to do that to myself ever again. Now my priorities have shifted.

I am a person that becomes easily overwhelmed.

I’ve learned not to bite off more than I can chew. It was a mistake I used to commit over and over in the past. Now I look back and “what the hell was I thinking!?”. It all makes sense, my depression, anxiety. I was a mess and I wasn’t doing myself any favors by trying to be superwoman.

I do, however, set personal goals. Goals I fully intend to achieve. Daily goals I strive to meet. Self-care and self-advancement are important to me. I won’t wait for a certain day or month to come. I learned to just do. As log as my family is happy and it doesn’t have a negative impact on them. Why wait? If I would have waited for the new year to start a blogging website, this blog wouldn’t exist right now! I would not have learned the loads of information I have up to this point or discovered something that I love.

I set my goals and try to make small changes every day.

A list of some of my daily goals:

  • Be a good parent
  • Be a good wife
  • Read
  • Learn something new everyday
  • Practice more French
  • Save money
  • Read my Bible
  • Complete my homework and studies (when I am in school)
  • Spend time working on my blog
  • Be on time (I am terrible at being on time)

These are goals I need in order to improve my overall well-being. I am not perfect, I fail terribly some days. However, I do reflect every night on what I could’ve done better that day. You can’t be too hard on yourself though, it’s all about taking baby steps. You make mistakes learn from them and just strive to be better next time.

Props to you if you have been able to stick to and accomplish a resolution! I would love to hear about how you did it. Do you have any resolutions or goals? Let me know in the comment section below 🙂

Happy Holidays!

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