Stocking Stuffer Ideas for her

stocking stuffer ideas for her

I love to gift. I don’t give expensive gifts for Christmas, but I love gifting small items to my friends and family members. My favorite things to gift are stocking stuffers. Here are a few items in my stocking stuffers this year. I purchased all of these items at Marshalls, one of my favorite stores because of their awesome stuff and low prices.

Planners and Notebooks

llama and pineapple planners and notebooks

I found this Llama pattern planner and matching notebook that I thought were adorable and perfect for a llama lover. Also gifting it with a pineapple  pocket planner since I know this person is always busy and on the go and this can be so useful. There were so many designs to choose from it took me a good 15 minutes just going through all of their notebooks and planners before finally deciding. Oh and I got some for myself too (not pictured here).


OPI red nailpolishes

Nail polish! Who doesn’t actually own a collection of nail polish? And these are perfect colors for the season.

Espresso shot mugs

espresso shot mugs

These espresso shot mugs I though were so adorable. A perfect gift for a coffee lover.


kitty short socks

Kitty socks, for that cat lover in my life.

bcbg generation socks

BCBG socks for $7! I couldn’t say no. Plus long socks are a great gift during boot season.


M keychain

A lovely floating glitter “M” key-chain.

Body Spray or Perfume

rose secret body spray

Body spray. I love body sprays and this one smells amazing. There were about 5 different scents to choose from, but when in doubt, I choose pink.


gray scarf

I love this scarf, it is so classy looking. I want it.

Fancy Pens

colored pens with inspirational messages

Inspirational pens. Each one has a cute message on it.


Slippers! There were so many to choose from and they make great gifts.

These items were between $4-$8 with the exception of the body spray which was $13. I thought these were great deals too because the original prices they retail for are usually double. I can’t wait to put these together.

With only a few days left to Christmas hopefully you are all done with your shopping but, if not, here are some ideas. Happy Holidays!

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