6 Easy ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

A blanket scarf is an oversized scarf that keeps as warm as a blanket. It is one of the greatest winter fashion accessories ever invented.

If you are like me and get cold when the weather hits below 72 degrees Fahrenheit this is a perfect piece for you.

It’s like wearing a blanket!

An oversized scarf may seem a little intimidating at first sight. How the heck do you wear this around your neck? …It’s actually really easy.

Here are some effortless looks…

Over the shoulder look.

It is a very versatile piece. Not only is it super cute and fashionable, it does a great job at keeping me warm.

The loop scarf look.

I like to wear my blanket scarf with a black long-sleeved blouse, jeans, a belt and matching heels for sexy-sophisticated fall/winter look.

Easy classic scarf look.

I find they look best with jeans and a long sleeve blouse or thin sweater. Paired with some cute heels or boots.

On one shoulder look.

I purchased this one at Windsore. They have other really cute ones but I chose this one ’cause I felt like the colors go with most outfits.

The Poncho look.

I’ve also found similar ones at Target, Kohl’s and Macy’s for under $20. I love scarves and probably own way more than I should but they really do complete a look.

The drape look.

And because you should probably own one too…Here is a link to  beautiful blanket scarf from Windsore for under $20.

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