The busy life of a mom, wife and entrepreneur.

I started blogging in the fall of 2018. I really enjoyed sharing about my life and shenanigans. I decided to jump into an entrepreneurial journey and open my own online boutique early in 2019. After I opened my store I stopped blogging because as you can imagine, life got really busy.

Learning about a new business and actually starting it from scratch took up all my time. I am just starting to settle down and learning to take a break. Like, long breaks because working on a new business can get overwhelming.

The work never stops though, there is so much to it. It is definitely more work than I imagined it would be and the hardest part seems to be the marketing aspect.

So, now I am juggling being a wife, mom, running a boutique and let’s just throw in there blogging now. Cause why not?!

I really enjoy blogging. I feel like it’s a way to vent and put it all out there.

I actually let this site go for a month or so and ended up losing all of my content. I do not know how to get it back and to be honest I don’t really want to because I feel it would be a real hassle. No time for that nonsense! I will have to rewrite some of my posts and I already have planned some new ones.

I will be sharing about my journey, home ideas, fashion and I’ll throw some beauty tips in there too. So stick around!

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